One Saturday Morning

We had to go to the vet because there was a bump on my face very near my eye and it was reaaally itchy (it hurt too when I scratched it). So after taking a bath, we all trooped to the car to head over to the clinic to have it looked at by them profeshnals (that's what pops said). 
Can summady teach me how to drive?
They wouldn't let me drive and made me stay in the backseat instead.I was too excited to complain (I usually ride shotgun). I mean, sure, we're going to a doctor, but I'm not afraid of them. They're actually nice to me (plus, I'm brave) (and I get treats aftewards).
The backseat isn't so bad. I got all this room.
I was just super excited to be on a trip! A TRIP! I might get to meet a ladypup who'll be the love of my life. You know, someone who'll like me back too (unlike other ladypups I know. Bailey, I'm looking at you). Before all that could happen, we had to stop by the gasoline station to gas up.
I wanted to go outside but I was stuck in the car. I need opposable thumbs.
Then we finally got to the clinic and there were A LOT OF LADYPUPS! They were all so pretty, I could barely contain my excitement (there were boypups too, but I didn't care. I was easily the cutest) (and the bravest).
I had a major crush on this one. Isn't she cute?
I didn't even notice how long we waited in line to get checked because of all the new (girl)friends I made!

Oh you're wondering what the vet said? I'm not sick or anything, but the bump thing had to be popped because it was filled with water and might get infected. They just put some ointment on it and gave me lots of treats and everything's fine.

I wonder where we're going next week. Hmm..

In Time for Summer

Whew, it's really hot these days, isn't it? It's a good thing that I got another furcut just in time for this heatwave. Just before my human left (she explained that she has to live in France for work for a little bit), we went to Pet Studio to have my fur trimmed really short. It's the shortest cut I've had yet! I look like this now-
With less hair, but I'm still cute! Right? RIGHT!
They cut off a whole bunch of my fur and I like it. It's cooler and it's much easier to walk around and I can scratch everything that needs to be scratched!

Here I am being sleepy in the car (It's not my fault, the aircon was blowing cool air straight to my face)
Can't keep my eyes openzzzzzzzzz...
And here's another photo of me in my new summer cut and my human says it's like I have a Hitler 'stache.
I don't look like Hitler, do I?
While my human is away I'm staying with pops and his family. Although I miss her, I'm really enjoying my vacation with my new family here (Guys, I have a new friend! And she's a girl! *wink*).Tell you more about it later!