Call Me Bugsy

My mum started to call me Teddy when I first came home and I hated it. It was a cutesy name so I pretended not to hear her whenever she called me that.

Good thing she caught on quickly, she picked a new name already, which I liked better. "Bugsy" has a nice ring to it, and I run to her every time she calls me. This is the first time I did it, on my second day home-

 Bugsy likes his name

She says she picked that name because I'm such a little bugger. Heehee, I know I am mum, I can't help it!

Bugsy's First Day Home

Bugsy came home on September 18, 2010. We picked him up from Sucat, Paranaque where his birth mom and brothers live. When we got there, it was difficult to decide which to pick from the two puppies available for adoption.

One was dominantly white, with a golden mask on his face and beautiful golden spots on his back, and a lovely face with pretty eyelashes that were thick and long. The other had darker markings with a golden brown mask and a dark brown blanket marking on his back, his face rather small and his eyes beadier than normal. While both were playful and energetic, wrestling playfully and tumbling all over the place to get attention from the newcomers, after a good half an hour or so, the little brown puppy who kept licking our feet won our hearts.
Bugsy's first day
On the ride home, he wouldn't sit still in his basket so he jumped into my arms and settled his small furry self there until we got home. Once there, the little pup was apprehensive of his new surroundings and kept to himself under the cabinet. A short bit later, he came out of hiding, ate everything in his bowl and kept asking for more. He went back to his corner to observe and rest after eating. The puppy was timid and shy for most of the afternoon; he kept running back to his corner whenever a loud sound startled him.

By nighttime, he was slowly coming out of his shell and started sniffing everything around him. He even started to wreslte with his cow stuffed toy. It was then that I found out that sleeping peacefully is a rarity when taking care of a 9 week old puppy. Bugsy didn't like the dark; he kept trying to jump onto the bed to get attention and pooped and peed everywhere every few hours. It was exhausting. That's also the best way to describe Bugsy's first day home.

You can read Bugsy's account of his first day home here!

Bugsy's Human

Me and My Birth Parents

Hello again everybody,

I just had Holistic Puppy for dinner and it was yummy! I finished every last kibble. My vet, Dr. Bong from Happy Hayop, says it's good for my sensitive skin because it has no chicken in it. He rubs my ears when I visit and makes sure I'm comfy. I like that guy.

Anyway, my mum told me I should talk a little bit about myself so you get to know me. I'm not really sure what to tell you guys but I'll just start with the basics. I was born on July 12, 2010. That makes me 15 weeks and 2 days old today! (I had mum count it for me) I'm a pretty big boy now and I weigh 1.9 kilos or 4.19 pounds according to my vet. They said I'm a bit heavy for my age but mum says she'd still like me no matter how fat I get.

The humans I lived with before were nice enough to give me pictures of my birth parents, so I won't forget about them. Here's my pops-
My human mum says he kind of looks like he's been in a fight I think I look a bit like my old man, tough and brave looking. We have the same markings too on our faces and backs, only he's gray and I'm brownish. I got my color from my birth mum, here she is-
Look at that, we have the same color- gold and brown with dark ears that looks exactly like mine! They say she's a sweet-tempered dog and sometimes I think I'm a little bit like her (just a little bit).

Now that I'm a big boy, I don't live with my birth parents anymore. I have my own human and she's pretty cool because she gives me treats and teaches me tons of new stuff. I gotta go now, imma go and play tug of war with my new Taz stuffed toy. Later!


Hello from Bugsy's Human Mum

Hi everybody,

I'm Bugsy's human mum. I put up this blog to stop annoying people with random stories of how cute Bugsy is be able to write about what's going on Bugsy's puppy life.

Anyhoots, Bugsy-pup is exactly fifteen weeks and two days old today. I took him home about a month ago, when he was a wee little ball of fur at nine weeks and four days old. He's grown noticeably taller and bigger since then, and has already lost all the inhibitions he had on his first day.

Bugsy the puppy is currently on medication for a relatively mild form of Demodectic Mange (I'll talk more about this later). We were lucky to have caught the disease at an early stage. Thankfully, he's still a roly poly puppy that's sometimes a bit too hyperactive for his own good.

Thank you for reading,
Bugsy's human mum

Puppy Love on rub-a-dub-dub, abumelt in a tub

Hi one and all,

I've attached the first post my human mum wrote about me on her blog, rub-a-dub-dub, abumelt in a tub at the end of this post. Don't tell anyone, but I was kind of misty eyed at the end. You guys might wanna read it, so here it is:

Just last week, a nine-week old baby Shih Tzu doggie became the cutest member of my household. On his first day in his new home, the puppy was timid, shy, and overly scared of loud noises- he cried out and hid in shadowy corners when he heard a louder-than-your-normal-speaking-voice noise.
Shy little puppy
By nighttime, he was less scared and started to sniff around and play with Moo, his stuffed cow. The little bugger kept me up all night by trying to jump on the bed, whining for attention, and having little puppy accidents all over the place.
"I win this round, Mr. Moo!" -baby Bugsy
I wanted to call him Teddy the first night because he looked like a cute little teddy bear when he was sitting down. But on his second day, he overcame his shyness and became the little rascal that he truly is. By morning he was running around his play area, gobbling up his food down to the last kibble, enjoying getting his tummy rubbed (I found his ticklish spot!), and playfully nipping toes (I'm still trying to make him learn that this particular game isn't cute).

Bugsy likes his new name
Since then, the little bugger has been christened with the (fitting) name Bugsy- a name he seems to like as well. The second night was much better for little Bugsy and me. Although he had a couple of weewee accidents, they were understandable because he's only nine weeks old (puppies of that age can only hold their pee in for about 2 hours or so) and had just spent two days in his new home. What's amazing was that he slept through the night and pooped outside the following morning.
Bugsy is a curious little doggie
Now, he's like an energetic two-year-old human baby. He's teething (he has only eight teeth) and likes chewing on toy bones and his teether toys (although his favorite "toy" to massage his gums with are my favorite pink slippers -_-). He's also currently practicing to pounce, leaping as high as he can to land on top of his chosen toy (usually Moo, the stuffed cow).
No more weewee accidonts by the third night!
Three days in, he has learned to pee on his doggie pad (which is actually an adult diaper pad) and has almost learned that pooping should be done outside and outside only. He just had one poopy-related accident since the first night (this is a feat because the pup poops six times a day)!
Bugsy, I wish you had met Brandy
We're going to see the vet this weekend for Bugsy's third round of vaccines and I hope things go well. I get worried because I've been researching pet care online and have read too many horror stories of little puppies getting very sick and not making it (the Internet is evil for things like this). In the meantime, Bugsy is a bouncing ball of furry fluff that has taken possession of my heart (and my favorite pink slippers -_-). <3

That was kind of sweet, human mum.


Greetings humans!

My name is Bugsy and my human has decided to put up this blog for me. You see, I'm an awfully cute shih tzu puppy and she enjoys yakking about lil' old me. So here were are in BugsyFiles, where you'll get to read stories about me and the cool things I do.