Bugsy is Back in Business

Hello! It's been more than a year, but what can I say? I've been busy chasing after dogs cats, random mice, some frogs, and various other creatures that I forget to blog and keep everyone abreast of my activities. Sorry about that. From now on, I'll try to make this a regular thing. I actually tried to make an Instagram account to share pictures of my food like everyone does but my human said that it won't work if I eat almost the same thing everyday. Bummer.

What my Instagram account would have been like.

Anyway, what's new? I'm two (in dog years) now going on twenty one (in human years) soon, and I still don't have a girlfriend. I had my heart set on Bailey, a pretty lemon beagle that I wooed for what seems like forever but that didn't work out. I'll try to tell you guys the story when I've moved on. Anywayyyyyy, I'm back to living in my house with my human mum after that year long stint when I squatted at my human pops' place. Long story maybe later, when I've gathered my thoughts.

This Christmas

In the meantime, I really just wanted to say hello and say that we're back in business! Also, that I was thinking of changing the blog title to Cutest Pup In The World, but only because my human calls me this all the time, not that I think that about myself (at least not all the time). What do you guys think?