Bugsy's First Day Home

Bugsy came home on September 18, 2010. We picked him up from Sucat, Paranaque where his birth mom and brothers live. When we got there, it was difficult to decide which to pick from the two puppies available for adoption.

One was dominantly white, with a golden mask on his face and beautiful golden spots on his back, and a lovely face with pretty eyelashes that were thick and long. The other had darker markings with a golden brown mask and a dark brown blanket marking on his back, his face rather small and his eyes beadier than normal. While both were playful and energetic, wrestling playfully and tumbling all over the place to get attention from the newcomers, after a good half an hour or so, the little brown puppy who kept licking our feet won our hearts.
Bugsy's first day
On the ride home, he wouldn't sit still in his basket so he jumped into my arms and settled his small furry self there until we got home. Once there, the little pup was apprehensive of his new surroundings and kept to himself under the cabinet. A short bit later, he came out of hiding, ate everything in his bowl and kept asking for more. He went back to his corner to observe and rest after eating. The puppy was timid and shy for most of the afternoon; he kept running back to his corner whenever a loud sound startled him.

By nighttime, he was slowly coming out of his shell and started sniffing everything around him. He even started to wreslte with his cow stuffed toy. It was then that I found out that sleeping peacefully is a rarity when taking care of a 9 week old puppy. Bugsy didn't like the dark; he kept trying to jump onto the bed to get attention and pooped and peed everywhere every few hours. It was exhausting. That's also the best way to describe Bugsy's first day home.

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Bugsy's Human


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