It's in His Kiss

Bugsy shows affecton by kissing! If he adores you, whether you're a human or another doggy (but no cats!), he'll swoop in for a wet one. Like he did with his Ate Jamie-

He especially takes pleasure in stealing kisses from unsuspecting humans. Here he is leaning in for a smooch- 

Not only does he love kissing, he also enjoys getting kisses! See him getting smothered with Tita Ging's kisses (and loving every minute of it)-

If this were a video, you'd have seen how Bugsy jumped right up to Ninang Chu's face and kissed her for as long as she'd allow-

Right off the bat, we already knew he was a kisser. This was taken on Bugsy's first day home, timidly reaching for a lip to cheek connection.

If you ever meet Bugsy, watch out, he aims straight for the lips.

Look, Bugsy loves kisses so much he'd even do it through glass!