Ladies, I Just Had a Furcut at Pet Studio *wink*

Hi guys! Long time no ruff, I know. Been a busy bee (pup, but you know what I mean). My days get pretty full from chasing cats, rats, leaves, twigs, and other whathaveyous. Whew. Between playing, sleeping, and eating, I barely get the chance to blog. But last Saturday, I had a 'first' that I kinda want to tell you all about.

Pet Studio at BF Paranaque
So last weekend, my humans (who are supposed to take me out to play in new places on Saturdays) brought me to Pet Studio over BF Paranaque to get a furcut. I've been there before and I really like the place, I always get new treats after going there. This time, we didn't get treats for me. They were talking about 'grooming' and a few minutes later, the new dude mum kept calling 'kuya' brought me inside a small room.

He started trimming my facial fur!
When we were inside, Kuya put me down on a table and started cutting my facial fur. I felt like a grown up then (I had facial fur!). Then, to my chagrin, Kuya started giving me a bath! My human mum does it to me too often and while it isn't so bad when she does it, I don't like it all that much. It's worse when a stranger starts rubbing you with sweet smelling shampoo and then hosing you down with water!

Then I took a bath (boo!)
After the bath, 'kuya' dried my fur off with a strong blowdrier and I was just happy that the bath was over (at home, it's finished after I've been dried and combed). It turned out we weren't done yet. Soon after, kuya started trimming the fur on my paws, my ears and then my privates (I was shy but I had no choice)! 

And them some trimming around the paws and my privates!
Kuya was pretty nice (although it hurt when he pulled out the hair in my ear). He kept singing some cheesy love song to me all throughout the ordeal (it kinda helped me take my mind off what he was doing). When all the fur trimming was done, he spritzed my mouth with some breath freshener and then sprayed me with a liberal amount of dog cologne (which smelled good). (details at the bottom of the page, provided by mum)

Ear-fur trimming kinda hurt
By then, I was ready to meet all the ladies. I looked so good and got compliments from everybody who saw me while we were having a snack at Santana Grove (they all said I was handsome). I was waiting for the hordes of female fans come flocking to me as soon as they smelled my manly scent and new haircut.

Mum, how can I get the ladies if I have PINK bows on my fur?!
I forgot that I had pink bows on my newly cut fur. PINK?! Come on mum. I let you put ribbon on my hair, at least make them blue or green or black or any other color but pink. So far, with it on, I've had zero success with the ladies. But it's okay, I'll just have to win them over with my charming personality, natural good looks, and raw sex appeal instead.

See now, blue is much better
Since then, I switched to blue hair thingos and I think it looks much better. Having a haircut isn't so bad after all, it's actually pretty nice. I've been told I'm handsome a dozen times (6 times, it was mum) and well, I smell pretty darned good. Now if only I could find me a girlfriend.

Still no luck with the ladies

Pet Studio
Location: 37 President's Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque
Contact Info: (02) 788-0403

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Help Japan, Don't Forget The Animals

I heard that a giant wave of water destroyed everything in Japan including cars and houses and buildings and plants and animals and even people. The videos I watched with my mum were really horrible to see (I covered my eyes in some parts), like a nightmare or a Michael Bay movie.

I know I'd be very, very scared if it happens here (not because I'm afraid of water, I'm not!). If we have a tsunami, I will probably drown because I don't know how to swim. If I survive, I might get separated from my family and then I wouldn't know where to go, what to do or where to find them.
I would be sad too if I lost my house and my friend

And then I started thinking about all the animals in Japan who are in that situation (like the poor guy in the video) and how scared they must be. Some of them might even be injured and most are probably lost and don't know what to do next.

I'm glad to read stories of animals being rescued and returned to their owners. Thank you to everyone who didn't forget to help animals, I'm really thankful for people like you (you guys are awesome!).

He found his dad!

I think there are still a lot more animals out there in Japan who have lost a home or a friend or is injured. Let's please, please, please help them. I compiled a list of links below of how you can help.

Thank you very much everybody!


Rescue Animals in Japan- HOW YOU CAN HELP

Bugsy is a Big Boy

Bugsy needed deworming shots last weekend, so we set off for Happy Hayop to get them, only to find out that the clinic is closed on Sunday afternoons.

Since we were in the area anyway, we decided to stop over at our favorite pet supplies store, Pet Studio, to get Bugsy a new harness and leash because he had already outgrown his first one.

At the pet store, he met a pretty Japanese Spitz, post-grooming, and promptly fell in crush with the little lady. He wriggled in excitement, talked with her, followed her round and round the store, and tried to hump the dog that was twice his height and size. The lady dog wouldn't have any of it and left in a huff leaving Bugsypup frustrated.
Bugsy's in his new leash and ribbon, chilling next to his latest love interest

We then went on to have a snack at the pet-friendly Santana Grove where Bugsy vented out all his frustrations at his human pops' foot.

My little boypup is now a big boy.

-Bugsy's Human