Help Japan, Don't Forget The Animals

I heard that a giant wave of water destroyed everything in Japan including cars and houses and buildings and plants and animals and even people. The videos I watched with my mum were really horrible to see (I covered my eyes in some parts), like a nightmare or a Michael Bay movie.

I know I'd be very, very scared if it happens here (not because I'm afraid of water, I'm not!). If we have a tsunami, I will probably drown because I don't know how to swim. If I survive, I might get separated from my family and then I wouldn't know where to go, what to do or where to find them.
I would be sad too if I lost my house and my friend

And then I started thinking about all the animals in Japan who are in that situation (like the poor guy in the video) and how scared they must be. Some of them might even be injured and most are probably lost and don't know what to do next.

I'm glad to read stories of animals being rescued and returned to their owners. Thank you to everyone who didn't forget to help animals, I'm really thankful for people like you (you guys are awesome!).

He found his dad!

I think there are still a lot more animals out there in Japan who have lost a home or a friend or is injured. Let's please, please, please help them. I compiled a list of links below of how you can help.

Thank you very much everybody!


Rescue Animals in Japan- HOW YOU CAN HELP


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