Bugsy is glad it's the weekend

Bugsy wishes everyone a stupendous weekend! Only, from him it comes out as "RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF!"

Beware of Dog

I've been practicing my growl lately and I really think I've been making a lot of progress with it. My voice is getting bigger and scarier! The garden rats now run for their lives when they hear me bark and growl. But it might be more because I saw them stealing my food so I caught one of them ate it. It didn't taste good at all but at least all the rest of them are now scared at the sight of me.

The next thing I'm working on is driving away those fat cats that like hanging around MY house. Although they're bigger than me, they don't scare me at all (if mum tells you otherwise, do not believe her). They were prowling near the area and meowing like mad last Saturday while mum was cooking. I didn't want them causing any trouble for her so I appointed myself to be her bodyguard and settled myself by her feet, in case the cats decide to come near and attack her.
Me being a fine guard dog

I did a good job of it too. Mum kept calling me her "cute little helper" but it really was me being an excellent guard dog. Yup, I kept all the pesky cats at bay! Not one of them dared to come near us because I am tough and ferocious! I know how to growl really loudly now, I even scare myself sometimes. I'm gonna have to talk to mum about getting one of these-

This sign would be perfect to hang on our gate!

-Bugsy, the guard dog

My mum thinks I'm silly, but really, I just wanted to play

I was playing with my humans last Saturday when they brought out a lot of those biscuits they give me when they want me to do something. Now that they think I'm good enough at fetch, they want more tricks. This time, they used the word "stay" a lot, and I know I should keep still and stay where they leave me. That was too easy! I did it the first time, watch me-

That's my human mum talking in the video. See how I'm so awesome and did it the first time? The second time, I didn't do it NOT because I didn't know how to do it. Um, I just didn't.. like the biscuits so much. Yea, that's it! I'd rather run around and play instead of getting treats. I don't like treats at all! Yea, that's right.