My mum thinks I'm silly, but really, I just wanted to play

I was playing with my humans last Saturday when they brought out a lot of those biscuits they give me when they want me to do something. Now that they think I'm good enough at fetch, they want more tricks. This time, they used the word "stay" a lot, and I know I should keep still and stay where they leave me. That was too easy! I did it the first time, watch me-

That's my human mum talking in the video. See how I'm so awesome and did it the first time? The second time, I didn't do it NOT because I didn't know how to do it. Um, I just didn't.. like the biscuits so much. Yea, that's it! I'd rather run around and play instead of getting treats. I don't like treats at all! Yea, that's right.



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