Bugsy is a Big Boy

Bugsy needed deworming shots last weekend, so we set off for Happy Hayop to get them, only to find out that the clinic is closed on Sunday afternoons.

Since we were in the area anyway, we decided to stop over at our favorite pet supplies store, Pet Studio, to get Bugsy a new harness and leash because he had already outgrown his first one.

At the pet store, he met a pretty Japanese Spitz, post-grooming, and promptly fell in crush with the little lady. He wriggled in excitement, talked with her, followed her round and round the store, and tried to hump the dog that was twice his height and size. The lady dog wouldn't have any of it and left in a huff leaving Bugsypup frustrated.
Bugsy's in his new leash and ribbon, chilling next to his latest love interest

We then went on to have a snack at the pet-friendly Santana Grove where Bugsy vented out all his frustrations at his human pops' foot.

My little boypup is now a big boy.

-Bugsy's Human


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