Hello from Bugsy's Human Mum

Hi everybody,

I'm Bugsy's human mum. I put up this blog to stop annoying people with random stories of how cute Bugsy is be able to write about what's going on Bugsy's puppy life.

Anyhoots, Bugsy-pup is exactly fifteen weeks and two days old today. I took him home about a month ago, when he was a wee little ball of fur at nine weeks and four days old. He's grown noticeably taller and bigger since then, and has already lost all the inhibitions he had on his first day.

Bugsy the puppy is currently on medication for a relatively mild form of Demodectic Mange (I'll talk more about this later). We were lucky to have caught the disease at an early stage. Thankfully, he's still a roly poly puppy that's sometimes a bit too hyperactive for his own good.

Thank you for reading,
Bugsy's human mum


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