Me and My Birth Parents

Hello again everybody,

I just had Holistic Puppy for dinner and it was yummy! I finished every last kibble. My vet, Dr. Bong from Happy Hayop, says it's good for my sensitive skin because it has no chicken in it. He rubs my ears when I visit and makes sure I'm comfy. I like that guy.

Anyway, my mum told me I should talk a little bit about myself so you get to know me. I'm not really sure what to tell you guys but I'll just start with the basics. I was born on July 12, 2010. That makes me 15 weeks and 2 days old today! (I had mum count it for me) I'm a pretty big boy now and I weigh 1.9 kilos or 4.19 pounds according to my vet. They said I'm a bit heavy for my age but mum says she'd still like me no matter how fat I get.

The humans I lived with before were nice enough to give me pictures of my birth parents, so I won't forget about them. Here's my pops-
My human mum says he kind of looks like he's been in a fight I think I look a bit like my old man, tough and brave looking. We have the same markings too on our faces and backs, only he's gray and I'm brownish. I got my color from my birth mum, here she is-
Look at that, we have the same color- gold and brown with dark ears that looks exactly like mine! They say she's a sweet-tempered dog and sometimes I think I'm a little bit like her (just a little bit).

Now that I'm a big boy, I don't live with my birth parents anymore. I have my own human and she's pretty cool because she gives me treats and teaches me tons of new stuff. I gotta go now, imma go and play tug of war with my new Taz stuffed toy. Later!



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