Bugsy's First Christmas (A Tale by His Human)

Tradition dictates that we spend Christmas day in my grandparents house all the way over in Quezon City (we live in Paranaque) with all the rest of the clan. It's usually a whole day thing starting with lunch going all the way through midnight (opening presents is somewhere in between!).

With Bugsy being less than half a year old, it was unadvisable to leave him home alone for the entire day (and I didn't want him to celebrate Christmas by his lonesome) so he tagged along and he absolutely loved it!
On the way to his first ever Christmas party
On the hour-long ride to Quezon City, he relaxed sleepily in the backseat. But as soon as we got to my lola's house, he wriggled out of his leash and zigzagged his way around people's legs, greeting everyone with happy licks (if they'd let him) and some serious tail wagging (and some accidental excited peeing as well).

Most were happy to shower him with attention (specially the kids) and the little puppy basked in the glory of being adored by humans and played with everybody (and everything) until way past his bedtime. From Bugsy and his humans, Merry Christmas y'all! We all hope you had a great one!
Bugsy's Mum


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