Bugsy's Story - My First Day Home

Hiya everybody!

I read my human mum's account of my first day home last week and not all of it is true! Before you judge me, you'll have to read my story too. Here it goes-

That day, I woke up early inside the cage that I shared with my sleepy brother. I jumped on top of him to wake him up, it's funny when he gets jolted awake. It was breakfast time and we each had our own bowlful of puppy food that we both finished in less than a minute! It was yummy. My brother and I wrestled for a bit after eating and he kept trying to pin me down but I wouldn't let him. I always win at wresling.

And then around lunchtime, a couple of visitors arrived. They talked to my birth mum's human dad and he let us out of the cage to welcome the guests. I was used to this, there were a lot of visitors who came to see us every now and then. I ran to the one closest to me and jumped on her. She smelled pretty nice. She petted my head and I wagged my tail as hard as I could. The humans said that my brother and I were both lively and cute, but I disagree. I think I'm the cutest.

After a while, the visitors said they'll be bringing me home. We went to ride in this big and noisy box (which I later learned is called a 'car') and I sat on the girl's lap while she kept petting me. I liked that. Then we arrived at home and they brought me inside. I didn't really understand what was happening at first.

There were small humans that wanted to play with me and I got surprised when they talked in really loud voices. That's why I hid in the corner for most of the afternoon and sulked. I kinda missed my brother then because no one was the same size as me. But the girl who smelled nice gave me lots of food and I just kept eating and drinking.

After that, I took a long nap and looked for my brother when I woke up. He wasn't there, but the nice smelling girl was there and I just shuffled next to her so she'd pet me again. She gave me a toy called Mr. Moo to play with. I know I'm good at wrestling and Mr. Moo was no match for me- I had him pinned down in no time. He kind of reminded me of my brother. I slept next to Mr. Moo that night.

The next morning, although I still kind of missed my brother, I was cool with him not being there. My human wasn't bad, she hugged me a lot, gave me yummy food and cleaned up my mess. Plus, I had Mr. Moo to wrestle with and there were slippers to chew on! SLIPPERS! Those are awesome! I was pretty sure it would be a fun after that.

Now you know my story, it's not all about pooping and pissing like my human mum insists!


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