Bugsy in a Topknot: "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"

Let me start that Bugsy is a little boy pup. Like any other shih tzu, his puppy fur is growing longer (and messier) by the day. It's very cute on him but his fur bangs fall over his eyes, making it nearly impossible for him to see properly. And although his human pops is opposed to it, my solution is to fix his bangs in a girly topknot. Bugsypup doesn't seem bothered by it, because he's had it on for most of the day and he ain't complaining! Look at Bugsy in a pink scrunchy (I had no blue ones!)-
I don't look like a girl, do I mum?
I still look like a boy, right? Right?

It's not so bad, I'm starting to like it..

Can I take it off now? 

Nevermind, I still look cute, clip or no clip. -Bugsy


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