Bugsy's Christmas Wish List

Woah, it's almost nearly Christmas! It'll be my first Christmas ever and I'm really, really, really, reaaaaallly excited! My mum tells me that Christmas is the happiest time of the year. She says there will be treats, bones, more hugs, lots of parties and a pile of GIFTS! I can't wait!

I'll tell you all about the things I want for Christmas so you don't have to think of what to give me, okay? You can just pick from my list! (This is also to prevent my human mum from getting me a barette. Geez mum, I'm a boy!)

Here are some of the stuff that I'd like to get for Christmas:

1. A cotton shirt-
My Sassy Puppy's Doggie Polo Shirt (p240)

Barettes and ribbons are gross, but I would like a regular shirt like this one. I want to look dapper for the holidays. They'll be taking pictures of me for sure! Blue's my favorite color, but the red one looks really cool too.

2. A food bowl-

Waggin Pooch Boutique's Food Bowl (p50)
I have a stainless food bowl, but that's boring and these are cool. Specially the blue one. And I want a bowl for water, I don't like that water bottle thing my mum makes me use so much.


Pet Avenue's Lamb and Cheese Burger Treats (p50)
Like these! I haven't tried these before. My favorites now are those bone-shaped milk biscuits and Dentabone for puppies but these look yummy too.

4. Rubber slippers-
These are my favoritest things in the world (besides treats)! Rubber slippers are the best toys ever. It doesn't matter what color they are, I can play with (chew on) them all day! If you give me these, I will love you forever!

And lastly, the most important item on this list, it would be great if you can give me..
5. A girlfriend-
Isn't she cute?
You know, like any other guy, I'd like a lady friend. I mean, I'm old enough now, I'd like someone to go on dates with sometimes. I'll even give her my favorite toy as a gift and I'll treat her like I should a lady, I promise.

She has to have a good sense of humor, no bad breath or body odor, and must have an outdgoing personality. She doesn't have to be a shih tzu like me, but she does have to be cute (I'm pretty cute too, so it'll be a good match) and about my size (I don't date girls bigger than me). Someone like that really pretty girl in the picture.

And that is all. Those are the only things I want for Christmas this year. Please, please, please wrap my gifts in recycled paper so I can tear it off all by myself (but if you're getting me a girlfriend, don't wrap her please). Have I said I'm excited for Christmas already? I'm very excited! I am! I am! I am!



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